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how to hire a house cleaning services

This is the general tip for you how to select your cleaning company!


Thousands of cleaning services have cropped up all over the world, ready and willing to do the work for you. Because there are so many companies available, knowing how to choose and hire a house cleaning service can seem like an overwhelming task, but with a few rules of thumb and a firm understanding of what to expect, you can pick the best option.

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1-1     Decide what area of your home need to be cleaned before choosing a cleaning services

               Sandi Cleaning Services offers the separate quotation upon your needs as well as the Target Cleaning

1-2     Ask family, friends, or neighbors of referrals

                Sandi Cleaning Services has more than 200 recurring customers
               – if you want to check our references, we will provide you the name(s)/address(es) in your neighbor

1-3     Eliminate any companies that are not bonded and insured

               Sandi Cleaning Services is fully insured and bonded by Liberty Mutual

1-4     Contact the potential services to ask if their maids are legal residents and what type of background checks they have gone through for screening

               All of Sandi Cleaning Services’ employees are pre-screened prior to hiring through ‘Direct Screening’ and ‘E-Verify’

1-5     Ask your field of candidates to provide you with a free consultation

               Sandi Cleaning Services offers ‘FREE consultation’ for the proper quotation

1-6     Avoid letting the “cheapest price” be your determining factor

              The quotation shall be based on ‘FREE consultation’ (size, number of rooms, and conditions)

1-7     Choose a company that offers one flat fee as opposed to a per-hour charge

               The flat quotation shall be available upon your preferred frequency
              (as need, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning)

1-8      Ask what kind of chemicals the service uses during its cleaning process

                Please refer to the list of cleaning supplies – if you want us to use other materials other than described in the list,
                please give us the location and your permission to use in advance

1-9     Choose a cleaning service that provides a guarantee of satisfaction

                If you believe the service does not meet the instructions or your expectations,
​                please notify us within one business day from the date of the service

2-1     Be clear about your needs

               All of your feedback shall be saved in our internal system and distributed to the crew before they leave in the morning

2-2     Be aware that cleaners are people and treat them respectfully

               Appreciated for your kind understanding and cooperation

2-3     Develop a relationship of trust and security

               Should you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or text
               Office hours is 8:30~4:30pm, Monday ~ Friday

2-4     Communicate with your cleaner

               Sandi Cleaning Services arranges 2~4-person crew to clean your home (NOT 1-person crew)
               At least one of them shall be ‘English-speaking person’.  Please feel free to talk in person

updated on 2/24/2018