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Price covers more than Labor!


When hiring Sandi Cleaning Services, the following services are included:

  • Labor - the number of people and the time required
  • Cleaning supplies - cleaning products, dust cloths, sponges, brushes
  • Equipment - the mops,  vacuum cleaners
  • The cleaning team’s transportation to and from your house
  • Company provided Insurance - general liability, worker’s comp, fidelity bond
  • Training Program - most current cleaning products, green cleaning, proper care of surfaces in the home.

types of cleaning services

Sandi Cleaning Services offers various types of cleaning services to meet your customized needs; 

MOVE-in or move-out cleaning services

Sandi Cleaning Services Move-in or Move-out cleaning services were created for:

  • Landlords preparing a home for a new resident
  • Sellers who want a home cleaned after they move out
  • New home owners before they move in

With everything that goes into hosting the perfect event, why let “clean the house” be an item on your checklist?

Let Sandi Cleaning Services do a one-time service, which is specifically designed for those special occasions. Our team will take care of the heavy cleaning. You can relax and enjoy your guests when:

  • You are hosting your annual Holiday party
  • Long time friends are visiting from out of town
  • Your son is getting married and you’re hosting the reception
targeted CLEANING services

We understand that in some homes, there are only a few areas of the home that are actually 'lived in'. So we have created a cleaning package that best serves clients who don't mind cleaning some of the easier areas of the home that are not included in this cleaning package. We will clean all of the heavily used areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms, plus vacuum and mop all of the floors. This is an option that will save our clients on average 20% off of our regular cleaning price. 

The Areas Included in the Targeted Cleaning; 

  • All the bathrooms (cleaned the same as in a regular cleaning)
  • The Kitchen
  • Vacuum and mop all the floors throughout the entire house
  • One additional room of your choice (typically the family room or master bedroom)

Important Information about Targeted Cleaning

  • The Kitchen area does NOT include the adjacent dining area. In this cleaning package.  The kitchen is considered to be where the kitchen countertops and cabinets end.
  • If you select the Master Bedroom as your one additional room, our service does not include changing the linens and making the beds. That can be charged additionally.
  • You can rotate your one additional room between Family Room and Master Bedroom at any time. Contact the office or leave a note for the maids if you are making changes in the one additional room. Your one additional room can be any liked size room in the house: Any bedroom, play room, etc..
  • The following areas are NOT included and will not be dusted or cleaned except for the floors. Those areas but are not limited to: foyer, laundry room, dining area adjacent to kitchen, formal dining room, bedrooms, den, hallways, stair rails and spindles, common areas, front door window and adjacent windows
recurring CLEANING services

By scheduling a recurring service with Sandi Cleaning Services, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home will be cleaned on the same day, at the frequency of your choice. (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every 4 weeks or your preference)

Your home is cleaned on your terms: on a prearranged schedule and according to your specific needs and instructions

A regular routine for cleaning is established, ensuring that specific needs are not overlooked. Over time, recurring services provide the greatest value in cleaning services.

Should you need to make a change to a particular cleaning, simply alert our office staff to your specific needs, allowing no less than 24 hours notice, and that particular cleaning will be scheduled for another date and time. And no need to worry! Rescheduling one cleaning does not in any way alter the schedule of your subsequent cleanings. Our team will return for your next regularly scheduled cleaning on the same date and at the same time that you were originally scheduled.

An initial in-depth cleaning gets you started. And a regular routine for cleaning, over time, ensures that your surfaces remain free of dust, dirt, and buildup on a continuous basis.